Top Sites in Montreal Canada

Montreal Canada has a history of being a cosmopolitan center of cultures and trade. The city is among the largest French-speaking cities globally and this means knowing a little French when going there is a plus. When visiting Montreal, you’ll never have a dull moment as you’ll get to enjoy visiting museums, parks, exhibition squares, and shopping districts, among others.

Here are some of the top sites you’ll enjoy visiting in Montreal Canada:

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal

Do you love visiting historic sites? Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal is a must-visit every time you are in Montreal. This historic cathedral has a Gothic Revival design in its architecture that portrays religious art and handiwork. As you enjoy the beauty of the current basilica, you’ll get to view the site where the original parish cathedral was located.

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Chateau Ramezay

Chateau Ramezay is the oldest private museum that is located in the residents of a one-time New France governor. The museum was set up in 1705 and will grant you the privilege of exploring 5 decades history of Montreal and its surroundings. While at it, you can stroll in the beautifully structured colonial-style garden.

Pointe-a-Calliere Museum of Archaeology and History

This museum was set up in 1992 as a way of celebrating the 350th anniversary of Montreal. The museum has a rich history of Montreal’s origin, archaeo-adventures, and pirates, among other interesting exhibitions. There is an annual multimedia show and 3 temporary exhibitions each year and you can plan your visit to Montreal during these exhibitions.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Montreal Botanical Garden was set up in 1931 and encompasses 190 acres of 10 greenhouses and multiple gardens. You’ll find themed gardens that include First Nations Garden, Japanese Garden, and the Alpine Garden, among others. Any time you want to enjoy some peace and quiet in Montreal, this is the place to visit.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This is among Montreal’s most reputable museums that was set up in 1860 by various art collectors. You’ll find over 41,000 artworks that include paintings, sculptures, decorative objects, and photographs, among others. If you are looking for international artworks and educational materials in Montreal, this is the place to be.

Mount Royal Park

This is among Montreal’s biggest green spaces which makes it a favorite for outdoor spots. The park is in the middle of the city and will give you an amazing view of Montreal’s skyline. On weekends, you’ll get to enjoy hand-drumming sessions referred to as Tam-Tams where different musicians and artists perform.

There is no limit to the amazing sites you’ll get to enjoy when in Montreal. All you need is to get in touch with what interests you and what makes you happy. Whether you are visiting Montreal alone or as a family, there will never be a dull moment. The best part is that most of these sites are free which means you’ll enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank!