Spectacular Destinations That are Underrated

The world is full of marquee holiday destinations – famous places which everyone knows about: Victoria Falls, the Pyramids, and the French Alps. All these places have been seen. However, there are some great locations which might just pass you by – they are far less famous, but still absolutely worth seeing. Thank you to Rocket Marketing Pro for helping us with our site.

While popular tourist magnets, such as France or England, excel at self-promotion, other fairly worthy destinations fare less well in the image posts; they may be a little off the beaten track, have suffered from poor leadership, or have failed to promote their attractions adequately.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is an excellent option for those wanting to experience Europe without undertaking such a long journey. Even though it’s located in Canada, Montreal has a very European feel. Old Montreal is full of cafes, cobblestone streets, and beautiful old buildings. It’s a very creative city that is full of live music, murals, and art installations. Montreal also provides an excellent opportunity for you to practice your French, as it is the primary language of most of the residents.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is terrific for travelers on a budget. Flights to Portugal are typically much less expensive than trips to other areas of Europe, and the country itself is pretty affordable. It’s a beautiful city, full of picturesque parks and squares to explore. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for a beach, as the towns of Estoril and Cascais are only a few miles away.

The Philippines

The Philippines are a little off the well-worn backpacking ways around the rest of South-East Asia. It’s a bit more expensive, and it takes a lot more patience and effort to make it around even a fraction of its 7000 islands.

What makes the Philippines worth visiting are its many natural wonders, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the stunningly beautiful rice terraces of Banaue, the 37 volcanoes, numerous world class beaches, and the Underground River National Park in Palawan. When it comes to wildlife, there’s always the peculiar Tarsiers of Bohol, swimming with whale sharks off of Donsol, and some of the best diving site in the world.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow offers all the beauty of Europe without the vast crowds of London or Paris. The city provides an incredible history, in addition to castles, stunning churches, ghost tours, and friendly locals. Krakow even offers free walking tours guided by locals with tons of knowledge and experience to share. Since the city is small, you can walk virtually anywhere and still feel safe. Enjoy relaxing in the market square, surrounded by cafes and shops.

Finally, how famous a country is as a travel destination, has as much to do with image as it has to do with how attractive a place is to visit or how accessible or affordable it is. Many destinations throughout the world are just as amazing as favorite tourist locations, but these places have stayed relatively under the radar. Some of these less appreciated locations have far more to offer curious travelers than their more adeptly promoted competitors.